Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos resigned today but unclear reporting lines could take down several more ministers.

The death of UCD professor Aidan Moran.

For a public united in solitude, talk of generational warfare over a post-Covid settlement should ring hollow.

UK: The Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq War, announced in June 2009, released its report three years ago today. 

On the night of the invasion of the Iraqi capital news channels had blocked out airtime and pointed night-vision cameras at the Baghdad skyline in order t...

On the sixth anniversary of Thatcher's death, a frank obituary would mark her as one of the biggest arms dealers of her time

We have always had trans people; whether by that name or social role. They have been a source of awe, fascination or fear. Held apart, lauded and sometimes hated. Whether the 'third gender' or the shaman: invested with powers, their insights sometimes sought but freque...

The coverage since this days-old conviction doesn’t give us much insight into Cardinal Pell, but it does give us a good look at how ‘mateship’ and corruption in Australia works.

As soon as the matter became public the flak machine went into overdrive, casting doubt on t...

If Eurozone members are not able to create a system of wealth transfers it is a safe bet that the future has in store another episode of deflation for Ireland, if not several.

In the crucible of a new English nationalism, it is poignant to hear the Irish language spoken in the chamber of the House of Commons after more than a century.

A row over teaching of the language is the salient issue preventing the formation of government in Northern I...

I often walked around Paris by myself as my mother who sometimes travelled with me, emerged slowly from her self-imposed isolation, such was the culture shock.

We stayed near La Tour Montparnasse which the French hate and with good cause. Guy de Maupassant's aphori...

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