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a broad range of stories.
Have you:
  • tried to secure social housing for you and your family? 
  • been evicted from your home within the last year?
  • lived in temporary accommodation?
  • lived in the Ballymun flats or benefited from the Ballymun regeneration scheme?
  • lived or currently live in a direct provision centre?
  • worked or currently work in social housing provision?
  • been involved in the Apollo House protests?  
  • returned to Ireland in crisis after a period overseas and been unable to find accommodation?
  • lived or bought property in a ghost estate?
  • lived on a temporary halting site?
  • had more children but can't move to a larger home?
  • left Ireland for another country because of the housing crisis?
  • been commuting for more than 3 hours a day but cannot secure accommodation closer to work?
  • been offered accommodation in return for sexual contact?
If you would like to contribute, please use the form above  to contact me. 
I will not use your personal information for any other reason than to get back to you. 
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The podcasts are drawn from original interviews, literature reviews and the work of academics and Irish commentators writing about housing policy in Ireland and globally.
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