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How does housing stress impact on transgender folk?

I'll be joining presenters Michelle Sheppard and Anastasia Le for their show Trans POV on Joy 94.9FM to ask this question.

We want to share a broad range of stories, can you help?

  • How does the issue of housing stress impact on trans folks' ability to engage with society, during and after gender reassignment when the need for medical support is most acute?

  • How do trans folks' entitlements stack up with other groups going through long-term medical treatment (like cancer patients) and other people with "disabilities" for the purpose of claiming entitlements?

  • Transgender people are listed as having a disability but they don't receive the gamut of entitlements that usually come with that; why?

  • Many transgender people find they have to move away from the metro areas where they receive the bulk of their medical care to where they can afford to rent; what impact does this have?

If you would like to tell your story please use the form below to contact me. I would be looking to take a 20-minute interview, ideally in person.  Please note I will not use your personal information for any other reason than to get back to you. 
Please also use the social links to share with someone if you think they would be interested.
Anastasia Le, Michelle Sheppard and David Murphy

Thanks! Message sent.

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