Ration Challenge 2019

May 10, 2019


My ration pack has arrived! Rations are provided for participants to eat during Refugee Week in June. They are the same rations provided to Syrian refugees in Jordan. The refugees are fleeing a proxy war between Western military powers - like Australia, France and the U.S. - and the Russian state. 

They are also fleeing Islamic State, which filled the power vacuum left behind by the destruction of the Iraqi state in 2003. Islamic State later expanded into Syria. 

I’m doing the challenge because I’m angry at the complacency and ignorance shown towards desperate people in uncertain circumstances. Unpopular governments use refugees as hate figures to shore up their support; some of the same governments that provided ammo to the balkanised, anti-Assad forces and ran sorties in Syria. 

When the ordinary people affected try to escape, the Murdoch press poisons the public sphere and describes them as less than human. Syria’s ancient cities may have been decimated, but the people fleeing that place should live in dignity while displaced and be spoken of with respect, and indeed awe, in our discourse for all they have been through. 

If you would like to contribute and improve the lives of people who are doing it tough, and raising their families in camps, click here.



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