Soundtracks were, as a teenager in the nineties, a fantastic resource. Reservoir Dogs, Trainspotting, Velvet Goldmine; even the Clueless soundtrack was worth a whirl and gave us No Doubt's Just A Girl before it charted.

The Trainspotting soundtrack gave me Lou Reed, w...

Photo credit: David Smith - "Time Travellers for Choice" 

The amendment to the Irish constitution which proscribes abortion was introduced a month after I was born, a few years after Roe v Wade decision in the U.S., the Pope's visit to Ireland and a failed Supreme...

An inspiring documentary by Patrick Keiller recently brought my attention to the work of Charles Baudelaire and Walter Benjamin. “London”, which was shot over the course of 1992, is now a sort of social document. The fictional narrator ‘Robinson’ is our flâneur, in Bau...

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